The Best Locations For Family Photographs In Denver

Some photographers help their families decide where to do their family photographs by suggesting spots, while others allow the families to dictate where they think the best locations for family photographs in Denver are.

I take a different approach. I ask my families what is the style or vibe they are going for. Are they looking for more urban, lush greenery, mountain views, city park, open field, lake views or a more personal at home photo session? Do they care more about ease, drive time, safety for little kids?

Based on those responses, then I can suggest family portrait location options in and around Denver or the mountains. Thankfully, I am also able to crowd source options from several photography groups. It helps to be in a community of photographers who help each other out.

Urban Family Portrait Locations in Denver

When I give urban location ideas, I want it to be an area where there aren’t a ton of people and it gives us a variety of background options for textures and colors.

fun urban denver family portraits

For fun urban family portraits in Denver, downtown Denver near Union Station is always nice, as is RiNo with its colorful murals. The area near REI is also a nice spot as it gives you the Platte River and the Millennium Bridge.

urban family portraits in Denver

I make sure to schedule these sessions in the mornings or late afternoon. Actually, my favorite is early morning on a weekend. It feels like you have the city to yourself.

downtown Denver family photography

Best Denver City Parks For Family Photographs

Choosing to do your family photographs in a city park in Denver is a popular option for a few reasons.

Denver family photography under stormy sky in Cheeseman Park in Denver
Cheeseman Park Family Portraits

A certain park may hold special memories for your family. Also, it’s generally close to home. Lastly, there are often pretty views of the city or mountains, as well as greenery.

Of course, Wash Park, City Park, Commons Park, Civic Center Park and Cheeseman Park will always be at the top of the list for best locations for family photographs in Denver. As I’ve had children and gone park scouting, I have several up my sleeve that are beautiful, not crowded and looks like we’ve traveled far to find.

I’m not going to spill the beans as those as the perks of being a client of mine. I’ll take you to the best spots – like the park in the photo below.

a boy laughs while taking photos in Denver

Family Portraits Near Denver With Mountain Views

This feels like the unicorn spot. I get this request a lot: “Is there a spot that’s a 20 minute drive from Denver with mountain views?”

Yes and no. You’re not going to have epic views like the image below unless you’re in the mountains.

family portrait with dog in Aspen with mountains in the background

Though I can get you close with a 30-45 minute drive. Mount Falcon, Evergreen Lake, Red Rocks, Davidson Mesa and Roxborough State Park are a few spots that are great for Denver family photography with mountain views. Be aware thought that most of these places require a permit!

Evergreen family portraits near the lake
Evergreen Lake Family Portraits
Family Portraits on Mt Falcon
Mount Falcon Family Portraits

I do have a few more prime spots for locations up my sleeve that have mountain views near Denver, like in the image below. But I can’t give away all my secrets for the best locations for family photographs in Denver :)

family walks in one of the best locations for family portraits in Denver

At Home Family Portraits

family portraits at home in Denver

They say home is where the heart is. For a lot of my clients, they love doing at least a portion of their family portrait session in their home. We can always do a combination home and backyard or local park.

For younger kids, say under 3, I highly suggest starting at home. When they meet me on their own turf, I’ve found that children respond to me much better. They grow comfortable with me pretty quickly and then that makes my job easy to create beautiful family photographs.

Whatever you choose, it’ll be perfect because it’ll be all about your family. For families I am fortunate enough to photograph every year, we switch off between at home and on location somewhere. Then you get to capture a little bit of everything!

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