How To Choose A Photographer

Choosing A Photographer In Denver

Choosing a photographer can be a surprisingly personal thing. You are letting a stranger into your home and revealing your family dynamic and relationship to someone you met 5 minutes ago.

Recently, I’ve realized that I am an empath – I’m super in tune to peoples’ emotional state when I enter their home. I pick up on cues. You can’t hide that argument that you and your husband just had before I arrived :) I believe this helps me go along with your family dynamic really well. I don’t push when I meet resistance, instead I go with the flow.

There are some other factors to consider when hiring a photographer. Remember, this may be someone with who you see yearly and grow to have a great professional relationship.

Personality Check

Personality can make or break a session. If there isn’t a connection, that doesn’t mean the session is a loss. It just means it can feel a little off. You should feel at ease from the first phone discussion with the photographer you choose. This is part of the reason I love having a quick phone call before booking!

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Artistic Style

Secondly, make sure you love the photographer’s shooting and editing style. Those are the biggest reason you are hiring them! Please avoid asking them to change the way they edit – i.e. make a dark moody style brighter. Just move on and find someone else that fits your aesthetic.

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All About The Benjamins

You may be shocked at the cost of hiring a photographer with experience. You can ALWAYS find someone who will charge $250 and give you all the digitals, but there is usually a reason for the lower pricing. Capturing family milestones and memories is an investment. Experienced photographers’ pricing will reflect their time, talent and experience.

What Friends Are For

Ask for photographer recommendations from the friends whose style you like. Generally if you connect on style and clothing, changes are you’ll get a good recommendation from them. Also, many photographers have a referral program – then it’ll be a win-win for you and your friend! I have a referral program that benefits you both.

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Give Guidance

You want to find someone who will make this experience enjoyable! Your photographer should provide guidance in what to wear, where to do the session, and how to enjoy the photos. By the way, read this if you’re looking for some of the best locations for family photography in Denver.

She should outline how the session and ordering process goes. I believe your photographer should guide you in what is the best way to enjoy your photos. Just handing over the digitals is, in my opinion, a large disservice to you. That’s placing the hardest part of the job on you, the client!

Choosing your favorite photos and then figuring out how to use them is hard. Should you do small prints, large framed prints, canvas, metal, albums (that you have figure out how to design), acrylic? Who to go for framing? What is a quality product? Do I buy from that Facebook ad I saw yesterday? I have done so much research, purchased samples and figured out what is quality, archival options that my clients can enjoy forever. Click to view some favorite print and product options.

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I always schedule a phone call with people who are interested in booking as I feel that is the best way to get you all the information and also to get to know each other.

If you’d like to schedule a call, click here!