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What Grandmas Really Want : Beautiful Extended Family Portraits

Want to know what grandmas really want? Like, really, really want?

Photos of their loved ones all in one place. It’s the easiest, most thoughtful gift. And quite honestly, benefits you too. 

Extended family portraits in Denver are so fun, and create wonderful memories for everyone. 

Honestly, since COVID, I can tell they’re even more special and important to people. 

I’ve had a number of extended family inquiries the past few weeks, and it’s always to commemorate a special anniversary or birthday. 

Just know, you don’t have to wait until that certain golden anniversary. It’ll be special whenever you decide to be their favorite child and gift this to them :)

How to Schedule Large Family Portrait Sessions

With 20 years of professional photography experience, I know how to photograph a large group of people AND make them look good plus have fun! It’s easy! But you have to plan. If everyone will be together during a certain week in the summer, then plan to do your session a few days into your time together.

DO plan for a few days into your vacation, and plan for a late afternoon time slot.

DON’T plan it for the day you arrive or the day you leave.

What To Wear For Large Family Photos

Ahhhh – this is the BIGGEST question I get. This is hard, y’all. BUT I try realllllly hard to make it easy.

For every 3 people you have, 1 person should have a small print/pattern/textured item of clothing on. For a group of 6-12 people, I’d suggest 4-5 colors/tones.

Also, remember to take your location colors and time of year into account. I really do love helping my clients figure out what to wear so please take advantage of that!

DO use me for help! Use my client wardrobe, text me with clothing options – ask for help!

DON’T chose just two colors (i.e. blue and white) – you all will look put together, but in a very forced way.

It’s Not Only About the Big Family Portrait

Let’s break you up into different groupings. This needs to be decided on prior to the day of so we’re not dragging our session on and on. Things can get really long then. I like to be really prepared and direct the groupings after we finish with the big group shots.

DO make a list of what groups you want to photograph prior to the day.

DON’T stress out the day of trying to remember what you want photographed.

Where To Photograph Your Extended Family Portraits in Denver

Some families love to showcase their home and backyard, or keep it simple and go to a nearby park. Others want to show off the beauty of Colorado for their portrait backdrop.

Whatever you opt for, make sure there is enough space for people to move around. I’d also try to persuade you from choosing a location that is far. Honestly, more than 30-45 minutes in the car and people may arrive cranky. Let’s not start the session off that way!

I have several spots I love for family sessions – both locally in Denver and in the foothills of Colorado.

How To Enjoy The Photos

Not only will I photograph you all, but I’ll come back and show you all your images. Everyone enjoys photographs differently so I love to help you figure out how you enjoy them. Wall art, digitals, albums – I offer high quality, archival products that will be with your families for generations. Ready to book your extended family session this summer?

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