Jess & Mike: Flying Dog Ranch Carbondale, CO

Jess and Mike are just about the sweetest, nicest couple I know. In fact, half-way through the day, I turned to Jess and said,” You two are just so nice!” Plus, they were willing to do anything for their portraits, which makes my life fun and easy and gives them great photos. They are the life of a party, and certainly held court on their big day. There was so much love between them and their families. And, the venue – Flying Dog Ranch – was absolutely beautiful. Flowers everywhere, a big red barn, a pond. Loved it! A big thanks to Mike’s sister and fellow photographer, Andrea Moore, for making the connection. Thank you to Jess and Mike for treating me like a longtime friend. I hope to continue this friendship. Enjoy 6 months in South America!

Wedding at Flying Dog Ranch in Carbondale, Colorado

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