Five Tips For A Great Family Session

You’re all ready to book a family portrait session, and then panic sets in.

My kids aren’t going to behave, my husband is not into this and what if it rains?!

Well, some things can be controlled – like what you’re going to wear, and others can’t – like the weather. Let go of what you have no power over, stop worrying, and take control of what you can.

lovers standing in rain under umbrellas

After 17 years of experience photographing adults and children, here are some of my favorite tips…

1. Pick out and TRY ON your clothing a few days before. If things are fitting weird or you have to keep tugging on them, do not wear it. You want to feel confident at your session and you don’t want to fuss with your childrens’ clothing all session. You also don’t want to arrive late and frazzled.

family photographs denver

2. Don’t schedule the session during nap time. No one wins. Children are cranky, parents are annoyed and your photographer has to try to make lemonade out of some very sour lemons.

3. Go into your session with a mindset of “we’re going to have fun.” Play, run around, tickle, laugh. This isn’t punishment – this is a time to connect with and enjoy with your family.

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4. Bring snacks and water. About 30 minutes into every session, little kids need a break. A quick snack and sip of water is the perfect re-set.

Baby eating cake

5. Don’t expect the session to last more than an hour especially with young children. The more experienced your photographer is, the quicker your session will be. We know what we’re doing! We get the laughs, connection and family love captured and know how to prompt it when needed.

toddler portraits

Ok! That should get you at a good starting spot. Now choose your photographer (hopefully me!) and get ready to have some beautiful moments of your family captured forever.

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