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Denver Newborn Portraits

This little guy has a smitten sister. She’s the mama hen, quickly checking to make sure Felix is ok before going back to playing and jumping around.

I just love photographing newborn sessions with older siblings. They add a certain dynamic and unpredictability that keeps me laughing and on my toes. Plus the photos captured are so fun.

Newborn sessions are so important. As parents, you are bleary-eyed. You can’t believe you agreed to a photo session feeling like a zombie.That’s exactly why they are so important. Looking back at those images, you’ll reminisce at how tired you were and how you can hardly remember how tiny your baby was let alone how you managed to survive those days.

Reheated coffee is always on hand, yawns are in excess and everyone’s mind is a little scattered. Sure, you may have a few extra bags under your eyes, and your still rocking your maternity jeans, but that’s the stage you’re in. At baby’s 6 month photos, you’ll look like you’ve got a good night’s sleep and you’re back to feeling and looking like your old self.

But for now, let’s capture time as it is. A foggy haze of important memories that will make your heart ache when you look back on them in a year’s time.

I can honestly say that most of the time I come into a client’s home for their newborn session and they kind of look at it as a necessary to-do, but they aren’t crazy excited about it. But when I come back to show them their images – they are always so happy that they did it. I don’t hear any regret ever.

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